Selasa, 18 Agustus 2015

It's a Happy New Year!

In a beautiful evening at Yulian's home.

Namira   :"Hi Yulian. Good evening."
Yulian     :"Hi Nami. Good evening. Why do you come here?"
Namira   :"I want to ask you out for celebrating the new year together."
Yulian     :"Oh that's great, so where will we go tonight?"
Namira   :"What abot the park? It's such a nice place to spend time."
Yulian     :"Ok, let's go."

Then they went to the park. When they arrived there, suddenly someone shouted,

Nisa        :"Hey Yulian, Namira!"
Yulian    :"Nami did you hear that?"
Namira  :"Yeah, oh that's Nisa!"
Nisa        :"What are you guys doing here?"
Yulian    :"We're celebrating the new year together."
Nisa        :"Woah that's amazing! May i join in?"
Namira  :"Of course, hey hurry up it's almost 12!"
Yulian    :"Yeah, this is it."
Nisa        :"Countdown!"
Together:"5...4....3...2...1... HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!"
Nisa.       :"May this year bring more happiness to three of us:)"

And they enjoyed the moment.

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