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All About Me


Let me introduce myself first. My full name is Anisa Juliasita Azzahra, but you can call me Nisa. I was born on July **th 2000 in Bandung so i am a Leo:D My hobbies are drawing, singing, and also i love to eat very much. Well i'm almost 60 kilos now, huehuehue.

I live with my family. Include my parents, my grandparents, and a younger brother. He's still in 4th grade in elementary school now. I had a cat, but he is gone now:( His name is Kuro Artha Harris. I called him Ulo. He was so cute specially when he fall asleep. This is him. Ohh look how cute he was:'( Anyway, that's his fav bear doll he holding in:(

My favorite food is my mum's fried rice oohh i love it sooo soooo sooooo muchhh i want to eat it everyday shalalaaa~ but my mom forbid me to do that. She said that is not good for my health:'(

Currently I'm studying in SMAN 3 Bandung. My former school is SMPN 13 Bandung and SDS Kartika X-I.

'Kaayy, now who want to know more about me? :3 i guess no one:( nononooo kiddingg.

Sooo this is my class picture when i was in grade 9. Guess which is me:3 if you can i'll give you... *drums*.... nothing hahahhaa:D /slapped/

Okay soooo this is me, the red one. I was with my cousin:)

Talking about my 9th grade, i have 2 besties, some teachers called us 'TrioWekWek' because we're trio! But there is no boy in the group:( We're all girls. One of them is Nazla. She now studies in SMAN 12 Bandung. She is pretty. She wears hijab, like me and my other bestie:D She is smart and kind, the kindest among us but also the caleyest /no, is that even a word in english? I pick it from 'caley' and.. i don't know what the meaning is:/ ok whatever forget it/ This is her picture /slapped by her/

The other bestie is Zahra, but we call her 'Ijjah':D.

So sad it's very difficult to have her photos:( but fortunately i have one:D ohh what a bad stalker i am:D

She's in SMAN 5 Bandung. Sometimes, we meet at Taman Musik and then go home together. She is an easygoing girl. I like her very much. She is always there when i need her. She is the tallest among three of us. She has an older brother. And sshhh.. i ever liked him before but now i don't anymore. He is handsome i think oh and also he is a good student after all:) Okay, back to my friend. She is very good at drawing, specially at manga drawing. I admire her art very much its like her art is killing me down when she drew a handsome man with well toned abs and slightly tanned skin and glasses and aaahhhh noooo /nosebleed then ruined to the hospital/

When we were on the same school, we always walked home together. Before walking home, we usually bought some drinks with different flavor each other. Sometimes, we went to Togamas first, killing time there, then went home without buying anything (lol)

I love it when we laughed hard together, when we chased each other on way home, when we prayed together, when they called me 'paus terdampar' when i sleep after pray in the mosque with my praying veil still on, when we attend extracurricular together and when we three had same crush on a person (lol)/forget it just forget it i don't want to bring back bad memories no a big big big big no/ and aaahhh so much more i can't write them here:(

Well, they are the craziest, the most caring persons i ever had. Only if you know how i miss them so much muchmuchmuchhhmore. I hope we can meet again and do stupid things again and /sob/ and and... /cry/

Uh, i think this isn't about me anymore:( i'm sorry i'm soo sorry if this is very out of topics:(( yeah, thanks for reading whoever you are i love you /throwing kisses everywhere/ *readers be like /no/ /ohgross/ /noodooont/ /sthaaapphhh/ /ouchmahayghaaaddhh/ /aaahhh my eyeess/ and many more* forget it*

Maybe this is enough:/ Okay, byee~ See ya laterr~

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