Selasa, 11 Agustus 2015

All About My New Friend

Hey there~ meet me again in this time haha,,

Oookay this one is about my new friend in school. I have got so many friend but today i'll tell you one of them.

She's a girl. Her name is Dewi Patresia Sihombing. We call her Dewi but my other friend (Hanni) i don't know why, call her 'Juragan' (lol)

She was born on June 8th 2000. She's the 3rd of 4 siblings. She has an older sister, an older brother, and a younger brother. She lives on Jl. Bouganville B11 Gg.  Sukamaju 15 Cimahi.

Her height isn't too tall, but not short. I don't know how to describe it. She is cute with wavy medium length black hair she often put in a ponytail. She is smart, kind, easygoing, but sometimes, she is also crazy (lol) /slapped/

Her hobby is listen to the musics, specially k-pop. Yes, she is a huge fan of them. I see her book cover is full of hangul aka. Korean alphabets. She knows how to speak and write korean too. Amazing. Her inspiring person is a korean singer, a part of a boyband called 'Bigbang'. He's G-dragon:3

She likes to eat jjangmyeon /idk what it is but i guess it's a korean culinary i've never heard it before/

Her fav subject is Biology. Meanwhile, her wish is that she wants to travel all around the world. May that comes true 'kaay;)

Ok, last one is her motto. She said, "Put God first and you'll never be last." I like it.

Well, this is for today, hope you enjoy it. Byebyee~

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