Selasa, 01 September 2015

Can You Guess It?

Hello again!!

I want to challenge you about something:3 no, i think it's about someone:)

Sooo let's begin this!

She is a girl(of course). She's just got 18 now. She is a beautiful girl. Her eyes are big and cute. They're green!

Okay, next.

She lives with her step mother in a very very very high tower far in the woods with no door to come in and out. The only way is the window in a side of the tower. She never came out from her place, cause her mother would always prohibit her to go out.

Has you guess her? If no, i'll give you another clue:)

She loves to paint. Her paintings are amazing. She always wanted to see the lanterns that flown once a year. She even draw it in a wall inside her tower. But unfortunately, she can't go.

She has a very very long golden magic hair. Her hair can heal every wound just by singing and wrap her hair around the wound, and it'll healed quickly. That's why her mother never cut her hair and prohibit her to go out, or else her mother would not be able to make herself look young forever.

That's her step mother.

Has guessed already? What's your answer?

And..... the answer is.....


She's rapunzel, from the film "Tangled". I bet you guess her when i said "she has a very very long hair" eh? If no then i'm sorry:( nope, kidding:D

Ookay so the game is over, may we can play on another time:D See ya~

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