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My Holiday in Ujung Genteng

Hello there!!

Well as usual, meet me again in this time. I'll tell you about something. Yes, you've read it. The title. My holiday in Ujung Genteng *sfx:jengjengjengjeng*

Maybe some of you don't know what "Ujung Genteng" is. Ok i'm going to tell you so stay tune on my channel and don't go anywhere.

*ads break* /justkidding//

I'm baaaaccckkkk. Ok, back to the topic. Umm,, oh yeah Ujung Genteng. Yes that.

Ujung Genteng is a small fishing village in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the Sukabumi Regency in West Java, Indonesia, about 80 Kilometers from Sukabumi. Ujung Genteng is famous for itsGreen Turtle nature reserve, surfing beaches and waterfalls, with Ombak Tujuh (The Seventh Wave) Beach as one of the most extreme surfing beaches in Indonesia often visited from Bali and growing in popularity with surfers from Australia and other countries.
Despite a six-hour road journey, 90% of visitors to Ujung Genteng still come from Jakarta and Bandung, who visit the area as this is still the nearest beach to these major cities that is virtually untouched. Its white coral beaches are surrounded by coral reef, where locals dive for Lobsters, one of the main sources of income for the people of the area.
(Copied from wikipedia)
In a short sentence, Ujung Genteng is a piece of paradise for every photographer and tourists. Here, i give you a photo i took there.

*scream internally*

Well i went there 2 years ago with my big family. We rented 2 travels to go there. We stayed there for a night and 2 days. 

That was a very long journey. My cousin vomited on the way *better if i don't tell this*. Me myself, i slept almost all the way there but fortunately, i woked up when we almost arrived and i saw a very beautiful view. At first i saw that the sea line is a level higher than the land. Then, we arrived at the white sandy beach and i kinda gasped like "woaaaahhhh what an amazing view :D"

We rented a penthouse there. It was a very hig penthouse. We set our bags and luggage in the house then we rushed to the sea to play there. It was very fun. I and my sister walked along the corals and arrived at a big one, then we took many selfies there. At the way back to the coast, i slipped over and fall. Thank God i'm okay. No injury. But i felt ashamed because there was a lot of people watching me. After that, we play and sang and danced on the coast. Oh and i made a sand cake for my friend's birthday. We played there until dusk.

At the night, we bought some large sized grilled fisk and ate them together at the terrace. It was a very warm night yet it was frightening. Then, we joked and played all night till our time to bed came. 

At the morning, we played (again) at the swimming pool then back to the coast. We took a lot of photograph too. After that, we took a bath and had breakfast. For me and my older brother, we took a walk along the beach to look for a great angle to take photograph. 

The night before, we planned to visit the turlte breeding house and we wanted to release the "tukik" when they're ready but unfortunately we hadn't had enough time. 

At the afternoon, we packed our things and prepared to go back to Bandung. I felt sad to leave that paradise. But someday, i have to go there again no matter what.

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